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ETHIRESPENTR - Ethical & Responsible Entrepeneurship23253/9992/2122/1/23
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ETHIRESPENTR - Ethical & Responsible Entrepeneurship

Academic year 2021-22
Is found in:
  • Bachelor of International Communication Management
  • Bachelor of International Graphic and Digital Media, programme stage 3
This is a single course unit.
Study load: 4 credits
Weight: 4,00
Total study time: 99,00 hours
Possible deadlines for learning account: 01.12.2021 ()
The course unitorganization of the subgroups is done using the class subgroups.
xOLOD-administrator(s): Van Laere Kimberly.
This course unit was completed by Van Laere Kimberly on 07.07.2021.
This course unit was approved by Van Laere Kimberly on 07.07.2021.
ProgrammaonderdeelID: ETHIRESPENTR_GDM_2122 - Ethical & Responsible Entrepeneurship GDM2122.
This course unit is marked out of 20 (rounded to an integer).
Re-sit exam: is possible.
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This course unit may be scheduled as
Study programme: PBAIGM - Bachelor in international grafic design
xOLODa: Single Course Unit
xOLODb: Ethical & Responsible Entrepeneurship
Second enrollment: Not possible within the same academic year.
Co-ordinator: Spek Sander
Teaching staff are not (all) known yet.
Language course: No
Languages: English
Scheduled for: Semester 5

Learning material (list)

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Educational organisation (text)

Theoretical teaching activities and group assignments, which may be supplemented with discussion and reflection activities for better understanding.

The educational and evaluation organisation will be as indicated on the ECTS sheets, unless measures have to be taken as a result of a pandemic, in which case other forms of education and evaluation will be used.

Educational organisation (list)

Face-to-face instruction
Lectures24,00 hours
Self-study - tasks
Assignments in study hours45,00 hours
Study hours30,00 hours

Final competences (list)

IGM/0101learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
IGM/0102learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
IGM/0103learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
IGM/0104learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
IGM/0105learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
IGM/0601learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
IGM/0602learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
IGM/0801learning goal broadening/deepeningBS


In this course you will learn:

Creativity and entrepreneurship through Design Thinking and Behaviour Design

Business modelling, including new forms of financing such as crowdfunding

Ethical reflections on technology and innovation:
Analysis and argumentation on ethical dilemmas related to the media and communication sector such as social issues, ecological issues, sustainable entrepreneurship, diversity in the workplace and ethics of technology.

International perspective on ethical issues

Assessment (text)

More information about the evaluation within this course can be found on the digital learning environment Canvas.

The evaluation can take place online as well as on campus

Assessment (list)

Evaluation(s) for first exam chance
First term within exam periodWritten30,00
First term out of exam periodPaper70,00
Evaluation(s) for re-sit exam
Third term within exam periodPaper70,00
Third term within exam periodWritten30,00

Course sequence (VT)

There are no prerequisites for this course.