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CULTENCO - Cultural Encounters9266/10988/2223/1/00
Study guide

CULTENCO - Cultural Encounters

Academic year 2022-23
Is found in:
  • Bachelor of International Communication Management, programme stage 3
  • Programmes Incoming Students
This is a single course unit.
Study load: 4 credits
Weight: 4,00
Total study time: 99,00 hours
Possible deadlines for learning account: 01.12.2022 ()
The course unitorganization of the subgroups is done using the class subgroups.
xOLOD-administrator(s): Paelman Beatrijs, Van Laere Kimberly.
This course unit was completed by levrau olivier on 18.05.2022.
This course unit was approved by levrau olivier on 18.05.2022.
ProgrammaonderdeelID: INTCOMCON1 - International Communication Context 1.
This course unit is marked out of 20 (rounded to an integer).
Re-sit exam: is possible.
Possibility of deliberation: This course unit is eligible for deliberation according to the criteria as determined by the degree programme you are enrolled in.
Preservability: The result of this course unit is preservable according to the terms of the program you are enrolled for.
This course unit
  • may be included in printed study guide (on paper).
  • may be published in study guide on the website.
  • may be included with details in the study guide.
  • requires no title on the diplomasupplement (thesis, dissertation, thesis).
  • should NEVER be replaced by another course unit to another (foreign) institution.
  • does not use a jury.
This course unit may be scheduled as
Study programme: PBAICM - Bachelor in international communication management
xOLODa: Single Course Unit
xOLODb: Cultural Encounters
Level: Advanced
Second enrolment: Not possible within the same academic year.
Teaching staff: Paelman Bea, Scherpereel Christiane, Van Laere Kimberly
Language course: No
Languages: English
Scheduled for: Semester 5

Learning material (list)

  • Not for sale through sales service
  • Not in stock

Educational organisation (text)

The content is processed through seminars, coaching moments and various written and multimedia assignments. More concrete information about the educational organization and content of this course can be found in the Canvas digital learning environment.

Students work in small international groups and discuss prepared issues, mainly related to socially relevant themes. In the context of blended learning, you are required to prepare thoroughly for the lessons and coaching sessions. You are expected to study the theory and prepare the exercises independently. If you come to class insufficiently prepared, you may be denied access to the classroom until the required preparations are made.

Educational organisation (list)

Face-to-face instruction
Lectures24,00 hours
Self-study - tasks
Assignments in study hours55,00 hours
Study hours20,00 hours

Final competences (list)

ICM/08V1learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
ICM/08V2learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
ICM/08V3learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
ICM/09V2learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
ICM/09V3learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
ICM/11V1learning goal broadening/deepeningBS
ICM/11V2learning goal broadening/deepeningBS


In this course students receive training in intercultural communication, debate and dialogue. They are coached by the lecturers to carry out in-depth critical reflections. They analyse the international communication context, global issues and their impact on the sector and their own (professional) life.

The content is processed through seminars, coaching moments and various written and multimedia assignments.

Assessment (text)

During the semester regular assessments take place. Participation is mandatory and absences must be justified.

More information about the evaluation within this course can be found in the Canvas digital learning environment.

The evaluation can take place online as well as on campus

Assessment (list)

Evaluation(s) for first exam chance
First term out of exam periodPaper continuous (Permanent evaluation)100,00
Evaluation(s) for re-sit exam
Third term within exam periodPaper100,00

Free information 4

Evaluations will take place regularly throughout the semester.

Participation is mandatory.
Absences have to be justified.

Course sequence (VT)

There are no prerequisites for this course.